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The changing face of Hanson Cabinetmaking. Sadly in 2013 the decision was made to discontinue with the manufacture and installation division of our Cabinetmaking business however we still remain open for trade with our innovative stainless steel de-glutter products and the original PPST™.

This progressive change has given the owners Craig and Leslie Hanson of Hanson Cabinetmaking the chance to develop a new Company – Smart Sinks.

The Smart Sink Brand has revolutionised PPST™ with enhancements to make the original idea easier to use and when necessary mobile the system is now patented in Australia.

HANSON CABINETMAKING commenced trading in 1978 after the co-owner Craig Hanson who left school at 15 years of age to commence his Apprenticeship a cabinetmaker – then worked and gained enough experience to dabble in Cabinetmaking as a Sole Trader part time for a few years. Once married he had a partner for life (Leslie Hanson) who became his Office Administrator, the business went full time and developed from the husband and wife team to employing staff – firstly Apprentices 11 in total many who went off to start up their own businesses – due to being well trained also 3 tradesmen who gained qualifications as Cabinetmakers through working with Hanson Cabinetmaking to then taking on Qualified Tradespeople and one of those being a Fijian Immigrant and then working with various contractors to make a complete team. Craig went on to gain his Builder licence which opened many opportunities. Under the leadership of Craig and Leslie Hanson – Hanson Cabinetmaking started small in the domestic sector building Kitchens, Vanities, Wardrobes and speciality furniture to working with large organisations such as Stanbroke and large fast food chains e.g. KFC and Hungry Jacks to finally moving into specializing in the complete construction and fit out of Dental Surgeries with the stand out jobs being the development of Roma Dental in the Roma Hospital grounds and working many years with the Shine Orthodontic Group. Having excess of 36 years experience in business and some 45 years in the industry came the development of the Bench mounted/Mobile Smart Sink Brand.

Hanson Cabinetmaking is proud of the development of the Smart Sinks Company and the owners Craig and Leslie Hanson are delighted to be able to continue with the experience and expertise to develop a product that is easy to use, kinder to the environment and will save the owners of this product money in the long term.

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